A Safe and Easy AT-HOME Rehab Program


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Are you feeling trapped in food thoughts that lead to bingeing and leave you feeling like a failure?

Are you frustrated by weight loss programs that simply did not help you long-term?

Perhaps you've even considered weight loss surgery as your only solution?

Can you imagine FINALLY finding peace with food and being free to live your best life?

Jumpstart your recovery during RESET Week!

Over-eating and failed weight loss attempts are NOT your fault! There IS a way out of food and weight obsession.

RESET Week is a full immersion AT-HOME REHAB program developed by a global leading expert in the recovery from processed food addiction, Dr Joan Ifland (PhD), and hosted by the Addiction Reset Community - ARC.

For 7 FULL DAYS from SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th to SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 2021, you can completely immerse yourself in the empathy, kindness and compassion of a supportive, online, peer-support community that is rooted in the BREAKTHROUGH science of processed food addiction recovery.

A breakthrough approach to food addiction recovery!

The Addiction Reset Community - ARC, is at the forefront in providing solutions for lasting control over eating processed food addiction.

During RESET Week, you can connect with like-minded people, all over the world and be supported from the safety and comfort of your own home. It's as simple as watching TV!

What a relief it will be to finally be amongst people who understand your struggle and will support you in gaining control of your food! Conformance drive, from working with others in a group, is one of the key reasons that the ARC’s AT-HOME REHAB program during RESET week has been so successful

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3 Months FREE Membership to the Addiction Reset Community

We are acutely aware that ongoing support is going to be critical to your long-term recovery from processed food addiction. If you sign up for the upcoming RESET Week you will also receive 3 months membership to the Addiction Reset Community (ARC) included, so that you can continue to feel supported in a compassionate, safe recovery community.

Here's What You'll Discover...

Connection to an AT-HOME Rehab program from the comfort of your own home.

A science-based path to freedom from food and weight obsession.

Explanations for the real reasons you can't control your eating

Specific methods for retraining your brain not to crave

Science-backed strategies for neutralizing triggers

Effective, research-based addiction recovery strategies THAT WORK!

Clean-eating and easy relapse recovery

Empathy, kindness and compassion from a support community of like-minded individuals who care about you and truly understand the challenges and frustrations of living with processed food addiction.

Empowering support that helps you slowly take back control of your food, your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviours - enabling you to live a fulfilled, joyful life!

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Here’s what you can expect during RESET Week…

Easy access to RESET Week AT-HOME Rehab program available on ZOOM for 7 days from September 26th – October 2nd 2021 (A Value of over $5,000, with 20 hours per day available to immerse yourself in recovery chats, activities and exercises)

An opportunity to prepare you clean food ahead of RESET Week with access to a BONUS CLEAN FOOD COOKING CLASS on Saturday, September 25th September 2021

3 Months FREE membership to the Addiction Reset Community - with full access to ALL ARC resources, support platforms and tools.

No contractual terms and conditions

A science-based, fully online peer support program built on the evidence of over 25 years of research by a global expert on the causes and management of food addiction.

Sign up today and immediately start receiving guidance on how to make the most of your RESET Week experience

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